Contributing to Spacemacs

Recently I touched a Rails/JavaScript codebase and I needed to tweak my Spacemacs a little. The defaults are great, but I felt that some things were missing: better integration with Rubocop and a REPL for JS. So, instead of making it a private layer, why not contribute back to the project? It’s easier than you think!

Places to start: Spacemacs guidelines for contributors and this great tutorial by Tristan Hume.

Considering you followed the official installation instructions:

git clone --recursive ~/.emacs.d

You should:

If during this process your branch gets behind the current develop (Spacemacs is a very active project, and as of the time of this writing this happened with me), just press ‘F -r o origin/develop’ in Magit, which translates to

git pull --rebase origin/develop

That’s it, you contributed to Spacemacs and made it one step closer to the best out-of-the-box Emacs experience there is.

And if you are a JS developer, check out skewer-mode’s demo video, it’s awesome!