Ensure working trees are empty before running 'git push'

Every developer has been through this scenario:

and everything seems fine and dandy…until Jenkins warns that you broke the build because some changes you made were in a different repository that you forgot to update.

I’ve been through that too, but fortunately with Gradle you have an easy way to avoid this. Put this in your Gradle init script (for unix-y systems, it’s ~/.gradle/init.gradle):

allprojects {
    task paths << { task -> println "$task.project.projectDir" }

And put this script somewhere (I usually put this in ~/bin):


# This script checks if the staging area for git directories in $1/stdin is empty
while read line; do
    cd $dir
    gitroot=`git rev-parse --show-toplevel`
    cd $gitroot
    if [[ -z "$gitroot" ]]
        echo "No git directory @ $dir!"
        cd $curdir
        exit 1
    changed=`git status -s | grep -v "^??"`
    if [[ -z "$changed" ]]
        cd $curdir
        cd $curdir
        printf "There are changed files in $dir:\n$changed"
        exit 1
done < "${1:-/dev/stdin}"

And add this to your pre-push hook:

echo "Checking for unstaged changes in project directories"
gradle -q path | ~/bin/git-check-empty-staging-area.sh
if [ $? -ne 0 ]
    exit 1

Of course, you can also use whatever command outputs a list of git directories instead of ‘gradle -q path’.

Feel free to update the gist with better code, and let me know!